Custom Software Applications & Reporting

Streat Automation’s experienced engineering team can build real-time data collection and reporting software that provides information to help make your plants work better. We build custom reporting solutions using a range of off-the-shelf database and OPC technologies.


What kind of things can you put on the report?

Any process variables that are attached to your control system can be measured and displayed on your reports. The measurements can be shown with statistical analyses as well as highlighting measurements that fall outside an acceptable range. KPI’s, MTBF, uptime and downtime, can all be shown on reports. A production report for one unit might have links to relevant electrical drawings, or photos also stored in a production database. Reports can be generated each shift, daily, monthly, by batch, or any length of time, including real-time.

Am I locked into software provided by Streat Automation?

No, we use off the shelf products like Microsoft SQL and OSISoft PI, Rockwell Historian and Vantage Point to bring you a reliable, maintainable and modular reporting system that you can continue to use and grow within your business.

I just want to start off small…

If you want to start out small with only a few reports, then Contact Us and we can discuss your needs – a small custom software solution might be right for you.

What can an automated manufacturing reporting system do for my plant?

      • Provide plant data at all business levels, Operator to CEO
      • Improve process understanding by providing comparisons of day-to-day data
      • Reduce downtime by identifying problems before they impact production schedules
      • Reduce errors in data handling with automated data collection
      • Interface with IT solutions to funnel data to or from existing systems
      • Save time with automated reports emailed each shift.

How do I access reports?

Access can be web-based with a standard web browser, via automatically generated emails/file shares, or a web page embedded in an existing SCADA application. Data can be presented graphically or in tabular format.

What if I need direct access to the underlying data?

Data security is of utmost importance, so not just anyone can access the data directly. Your current IT solutions team will be able monitor and maintain your data since we use off the shelf products such as Microsoft SQL or OSISoft PI that they likely already use in other business areas. Alternatively, you can export data into CSV, PDF, Excel and other formats that you can use to distribute your data throughout your business.

How is a reporting system built?/How do I get started?

Contact Us to let us know you’re interested in getting more out of your plant data. We will talk with you about your manufacturing environment and the particular report requirements you may have. We will then develop sample reports and provide a quotation with all costs included.