Fonterra is New Zealand’s largest company, processing around 15 billion litres of milk annually and exporting to over 100 countries. Fonterra is responsible for approximately 30% of the world’s dairy exports. We have completed a number of safety and process improvement projects at Darfield, Clandeboye, and Edendale factories. For projects requiring electrical installation work, we have partnered with local electrical firms including JLE, Nind Electrical and Sullivan & Spillane. We also provide on-going automation support at the Darfield factory, working closely with their automation engineers.

Hydro Power

Our location in the South Island and the experience of our engineers in the hydro industry makes us ideally suited to assist with projects in the electrical sector.

Meridian Energy

We are currently working on the Ohau A unit upgrades and station services PLC replacement project (replacement of Rockwell PLC5 PLC with ControlLogix) and have recently completed the Aviemore local services replacement project.


We upgraded the Rockwell PLC5 control system at Highbank Power station to CompactLogix. Highbank is a hydro power station drawing water from the Rakaia River.

Water, Waste Water & Irrigation

We have completed a number of water, waste water and irrigation projects for industry and for local authorities.

Central Water Treatment Plant

We provided the controls for Blenheim’s primary water supply scheme, which consists of a number of wells feeding a central treatment plant. The treatment plant provides UV treatment and pH correction and is controlled by a Rockwell CompactLogix PLC, the borehole pumps are also controlled by Rockwell CompactLogix PLC’s. Communications between the treatment plant and borehole pump PLC’s is via Ethernet over fibre with a back-up radio telemetry system. The system is controlled by the QTech DATRAN supervisory system located in the Marlborough District Council head office.

Renwick Sewerage Pumping Station

This system consists of two pump stations pumping raw sewage from Renwick to Blenheim for treatment. The system is controlled by Rockwell Micrologix PLC’s and PanelView’s and by the QTech DATRAN supervisory system.

Southern Valleys Irrigation System (SVIS)

This scheme provides irrigation water during the summer months to horticultural, farming and rural residential properties over an area of 4,500 hectares. We provided the control systems for the booster and main pump stations which interface via radio telemetry to a QTech DATRAN supervisory system. The system uses Rockwell PLC hardware with an SLC500 at the main pump station and MicroLogix PLC’s at the booster stations.

Fonterra Edendale

We have recently completed a major upgrade to the Fonterra Edendale Waster Water Treatment Plant. We worked with Nind Electrical to deliver the plant for Downer.

Food & Beverage

We provide automation to some of New Zealand’s largest food and beverage manufacturers.

Lion Nathan: Canterbury & Dunedin

We assisted in the relocation of the Maltexo plant from Christchurch to Dunedin and integration of the controls in to the systems at Speight’s. The Maltexo plant is controlled with a legacy Modicon PLC and iFix SCADA. Streat Automation had also completed a number of projects at the now decommissioned Canterbury Brewery site, including palletising, brewing, racking & CIP systems.

Sanitarium Health Food Company

We provided the control system for the marmite packing line for Sanitarium. This system uses Rockwell ControlLogix PLC’s with Rockwell PanelView HMI’s & Citect SCADA.


We provided the PLC & SCADA systems for the Crumb Plant expansion project at Cadbury Dunedin. The crumb plant was controlled by Rockwell Controllogix PLC’s with a client/server based FactoryTalk View SE SCADA system and using FactoryTalk Historian for reporting.
We also provided a complete re-design and upgrade of the PLC and servo controls and mechanics for the high speed Pack100 Wrapper machine at Cadbury Dunedin.

Mining & Coal Handling

Bathurst Resources Stockton

Stockton is New Zealand’s largest open cast mine providing high quality steelmaking coal for export. In conjunction with Brightwater Engineering we provided the control system for the Stockton coal handling & preparation plant.

The plant is controlled by a Rockwell ControlLogix system with Factory Talk View SCADA. The Rockwell Powerflex 700 variable frequency drives and SMC soft starter drives are controlled over Ethernet. The DOL motors are controlled by custom programmed Tesys-T motor controllers. The production reporting system is OSIsoft PI based.

We completed this project in mid-2010 and continue to provide on-going support to Bathurst Resources.

Lyttelton Port Fast Coal 

Lyttelton port has New Zealand’s largest coal handling facility. In conjunction with Fletcher Construction we provided the control system for the Train Unloader, Stacker, Reclaimer and Shiploader. These systems are controlled by distributed Rockwell ControlLogix PLC’s with a SCADA system consisting of redundant Factory Talk View HMI servers and a number of distributed clients.

The control system provides automated train unloading and coal stacking, automated coal reclaiming and online blending and ship loading via an automated schedule to maintain ship stability.

Communications between the mobile equipment is via Ethernet radio.
We completed this project in 2004 and continue to provide on-going support to LPC.

Timber & Forestry 

Forestry is one of New Zealand’s most important primary industries, contributing around $5 billion to our economy; We have been involved in a number of large & complex projects.

Nelson Pine LVL

We have carried out a number of process improvement projects on the LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) plant at Nelson Pine.

Nelson Pine: ‘A Saw’ Automation Upgrade

Replacement of a 15 year old Siemens S5 PLC with a Rockwell ControlLogix PLC and Intouch SCADA for Nelson Pine. The ‘A saw’ automatically cuts stacks of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) into various shape packs selected by the operator. The control system changeover was achieved in the planned two-week downtime with the new system delivering improved performance and reliability.

Nelson Pine: ‘B Saw’ Automation Upgrade

Replacement of a dual Allen Bradley PLC5 system with a Rockwell ControlLogix PLC, Intouch SCADA and Rockwell analogue servo controls for the existing drives. This upgrade was completed while the existing control system remained in place so that the saw was always available.

Nelson Pine: ‘B Saw’

We provided the control system for a new Anthon saw for Nelson Pine. The saw was manufactured in Germany with the control software developed by Streat Automation in New Zealand. The system consisted of a Rockwell ControlLogix PLC, Intouch SCADA with Rockwell PanelView Plus terminals providing manual control options. Motors were controlled by Sercos digital servo drives for precision movement and Powerflex drives on ControlNet for conveyor speed control. Position sensors were on DeviceNet as was the interface to the Kuka Industrial robots used for high speed stacking.


Wool Scours

We have over 20 years of experience providing control systems for the wool and textile industry. We have installations in the UK, Europe, China, Australia, India and South America.

The Streat Automation SCOURCOM control system was specially designed to control wool scours. It was custom built to meet the requirements of each installation and provided full control, monitoring and reporting of the wool scours operation.

We also provided control systems for scour water treatment plants, grease pants and heavy solids plants.
The wool industry is in a state of flux with many wool scours being relocated to different parts of the world. We are available to assist in the relocation process and re-commissioning of the plant. We have completed a number of scour relocation projects.

Packaging & EOM 


Packaging machines generally operate at high speed and need to be extremely reliable, we have been involved in a number of retro-fit and improvement projects


We provided a complete re-design and upgrade of the PLC and servo controls and mechanics for the Pack100 high speed-wrapping machine. The system used a Rockwell ControlLogix PLC with 8 axis SERCOS servo control (over fibre) and Ultra 3000 servo drives and motors. All ‘mini’ Cadbury bars that were produced in Dunedin were wrapped on this machine

Canterbury Brewery

We completed major re-writes of the software for the bottle & can stacking & palletising systems for Rockwell SLC500 & Modicon 948 & 884 systems.

OEM Machinery

We understand the special requirements of OEM manufacturers, where low cost repeatable solutions that are reliable and easily supportable in the field are required.


We provided the control systems for wool scours and wool processing machines for over 20 years. Andar equipment with our control systems have been installed worldwide.

Ullrich Machinery Company

Deer fence manufacturing line using Rockwell ControlLogix PLC and Rockwell GMC series servo drives.

Trojan Dry-Out Systems

We developed remote control and data download software for the Trojan on-line transformer oil dry-out system.