Water, Waste Water & Irrigation

We have completed a number of water, waste water and irrigation projects for industry and for local authorities:

Buller District Council

We provided the telemetry and control system for the waste water conveyance system for Buller District Council. The system consists of a number of small pumping stations each with a MultiSmart pump controller communicating via Elpro radio modems to a base station located at the Buller District Council office in Westport that is monitored by RSView32 using KepServerEx with Modbus TCP.

Central Water Treatment Plant

We provided the controls for Blenheim’s primary water supply scheme which consists of a number of wells feeding a central treatment plant. The treatment plant provides UV treatment and pH correction and is controlled by a Rockwell CompactLogix PLC, the borehole pumps are also controlled by Rockwell CompactLogix PLC’s. Communications between the treatment plant and borehole pump PLC’s is via Ethernet over fibre with a back-up radio telemetry system. The system is controlled by the QTech DATRAN supervisory system located in the Marlborough District Council head office.

Renwick Sewerage Pumping Station

Two pump stations pumping raw sewage from Renwick to Blenheim for treatment. The system is controlled by Rockwell Micrologix PLC’s and PanelView’s and by the QTech DATRAN supervisory system.

Southern Valleys Irrigation System (SVIS)

This scheme provides irrigation water during the summer months to horticultural, farming and rural residential properties over an area of 4,500 hectares. We provided the control systems for the booster and main pump stations which interface via radio telemetry to a QTech DATRAN supervisory system. The system uses Rockwell PLC hardware with an SLC500 at the main pump station and MicroLogix PLC’s at the booster stations.

Fonterra Edendale

We have recently completed a major upgrade to the Fonterra Edendale Waster Water Treatment Plant. We worked with Nind Electrical to deliver the plant for Downer.