Packaging machines generally operate at high speed and need to be extremely reliable, we have been involved in a number of retro-fit and improvement projects


We provided a complete re-design and upgrade of the PLC and servo controls and mechanics for this high speed-wrapping machine. The system uses a Rockwell ControlLogix PLC with 8 axis SERCOS servo control (over fibre) and Ultra 3000 servo drives and motors. All ‘mini’ Cadbury bars produced in Dunedin are wrapped on this machine.

Canterbury Brewery

We completed major re-writes of the software for the bottle & can stacking & palletising systems for Rockwell SLC500 & Modicon 948 & 884 systems.

CHH Packaging

We work with AC Industrial & Marine providing on-going service and support for CHH Packaging. We have been involved with their cardboard finishing line carrying out process improvements.

OEM Machinery

We understand the special requirements of OEM manufacturers, where low cost repeatable solutions that are reliable and easily supportable in the field are required.


We provided the control systems for wool scours and wool processing machines for over 20 years. Andar equipment with our control systems have been installed worldwide.


Deer fence manufacturing line using Rockwell ControlLogix PLC and Rockwell GMC series servo drives.

Trojan Dry-Out Systems

We developed remote control and data download software for the Trojan on-line transformer oil dry-out system.